I Ate Veggies For Breakfast for 30 Days In A row

Ok, that headline is a bit misleading. I tried to eat veggies 30 days in a row. However, smack dab in the middle of my veggie breakfast challenge, my first son, Dean, was born. Although that may have caused most people to switch from #veggiebreakfast to #McDonaldsbreakfast, I did my best to stick to the challenge (finding a routine that you can stay committed to even as your conditions change is the key to living a healthy life).

It was actually a bit easier than expected, because there are few things more energizing than starting your day with some veggies (in my humble opinion). Instead of carb-loaded cereal breakfast that sends you on a blood-sugar rollercoaster, or a greasy breakfast sandwich, a veggie breakfast gives you sustained energy that makes you feel freaking awesome about yourself.

Below are excerpts from my Facebook over the 30-day challenge, which took place from September 1st - September 30th, 2016.

Day 0

Lots of people ask me how to get more veggies into their diet. One great way is to start early! Working them into your breakfast is a perfect way to start your day. I'm challenging myself (and all of you!) to eat vegetables with my breakfast every day in September. I'll be posting tips, recipes, and progress reports throughout the month here and on Instagram (@i.am.carson). Please join me! I'd love to check out your ideas and see how this works for you!

Day 1

Oats and lentils with avocado, tomato, and green onions. Veggies in oatmeal?! Carson, have you gone mad?! Join me and tag your pics with #veggiebreakfast

Day 2

Potato hash with veggies galore. Carrots, broccoli, onion, pepper, collard greens, and mushrooms. Mostly from @edibleearthfarm thanks guys! There's a 50:50 chance I'll have leftovers.

Day 3

Funky BEETS and spinach with berries. Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!

Day 4

En garde!! Still full from pizza and ice cream last night (yeah, I still know how to party!) so just munched some celery. I see a big veggie lunch in my future though.

Day 4.jpg

Day 5

Just because it's Labor Day doesn't mean you can't put in a little bit of work! Had a great run in the park and then made a veggie omelette and smoothie for Day 5 of the #veggiebreakfast challenge. Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy all the things you work so hard for!

Day 6

Laura made a smoothie with spinach right after I got home from the gym and I chugged it! No time for a pic!

Day 7

Mushrooms, peppers, onion, and greens with eggs. Here's a tip: If you don't want to chop veggies every morning (ain't nobody got time for that!) cut some up on Sunday night to use for the week. 

Day 8

Pop quiz! Why am I smiling?

A. I'm eating a #veggiebreakfast for day 8 of the challenge

B. I just exercised

C. I'm not wearing pants

Day 9

Salad for breakfast. Crazy, you say? I say you're crazy not to try it. Rocket fuel to start your day off right! I had some ginger cashew dressing I needed to use, so this was a perfect fit.  #veggies #nomnom #plantpower #eatmoreveggies

Day 11

Not pictured: knob of ginger (he accidentally overslept on picture day). #eatmoreveggies #plantpower #veggies

On September 12th (aka Day 12) my first son, Dean, was born. This derailed me for a few days, but not for good. I made sure to get back into the groove.

Day 16

Back on track after a few hectic days welcoming my son Dean into the world! Self-care is not a selfish act. You have to take care of yourself if you want to show up 100% for the people you love. And I love this guy! #veggies #plantpower #fatherhood

Day 17

Prepping ahead of time made this meal possible. Still squeezed in a great meal with just a little downtime from our new supreme overlord (Dean) #plantpower #veggies #fatherhood #mealprep

Day 18 + 19

Veggie breakfast challenge Day 19. I've eaten the same thing for three days straight (See Day 17 for pic). It's not very sexy or entertaining for social media purposes, but it's great to have an easy and healthy recipe to fall back on when things get hectic (like when your son decides to show up four weeks early!) Take care of yourselves today, everybody!

Day 20

Current mood: tired and happy! Have a wonderful day everybody! #plantpower #eatmoreveggies #fatherhood#veggies #sleepdeprived


Day ???

What day is it? Is it still September? Leftover stuffed banana peppers with avocado. #plantpower #veggies #fatherhood #sleepdeprived


Day 25

Beet, Carrot, Greens, and Avocado in this glass of goodness. Big thanks to everybody that has posted pics or chimed in with comments during the challenge! I love hearing from you all so keep 'em coming while we close out the month strong. #plantpower #veggies #smoothie

Day 27

Veggie breakfast challenge Day 27. Get over those post-debate what-the-hell-is-happening-with-this-crazy-ass-presidential-election blues with some scrumptulescent rocket fuel! Added avocado, sweet potato, and tomatoes to my oatmeal.

Day 28 & 29

Getting Autumnal with a sweet potato smoothie. Walnuts, pecans, sweet potato, oats, flax, cinnamon, vanilla, and frozen bananas. #veggies #iyamwhoiyam #plantpower #eatmoreplants

Day 28 29.jpg


Day 30

Last day of the #veggiebreakfast challenge! Big salad with @edibleearthfarm lettuce, radishes, and carrots. It's been a crazy month with the early arrival of our son, and it's been great to start every day with some plants to keep me going. We won't count my hospital breakfast of saltines and peanut butter. Have a great Friday lovely people! #veggies #plantpower #eatmoreplants #fatherhood