Yoga Practices You Can Bring With You Anywhere

By Lauren Coles, office yoga master teacher

No matter where you are, peace, tranquility and a state of ease are only a moment away when you realize the power of yoga - the simple practice of aligning your mind, breath and body.

Yoga is a State of Being

Yoga is about centering yourself, and it feels amazing

My mission as the founder of an office yoga company is to prove to people that they can do yoga anywhere. Yoga is a practice that comes in many forms, and goes beyond the physical practice of yoga poses, or asana. The goal of yoga is to connect the mind, breath, and body to build a relationship with our true selves. This action of being alone in our bodies with a quiet mind has a positive impact on our health and happiness.

Don’t worry about being flexible, having a mat, or going to a yoga studio. Below, find three easy ways to yoga anywhere.


Meditation is a very important part of yoga. How your mind reacts to meditation varies every day. Sometimes it is relaxing and calming. Other times, it can feel stressful. The trick is to make it part of your routine, so you can start to build a relationship with the mind. Although meditation can be done by simply sitting comfortably and quietly, observing the mind’s thoughts, many people enjoy guided audio meditation. Headspace is one of my favorite apps for meditation, and is great for beginners.

Try Desk Yoga

You may be surprised with how easy and feel good desk yoga can be. Using your chair and desk as a prop in your desk yoga practice is an easy way to reconnect with your mind and body. Check out this article, or try the moves in the videos below.


Yoga like There’s Nobody Watching

One of my favorite pastimes lately has been doing yoga poses in places that inspire me. From developing my no sweat, no change, easy office yoga system, I’ve discovered some feel-good poses that can be done anywhere. At home, experiment with your own yoga practice. Read a book about yoga poses, or watch videos, to learn what feels good in your body. Don’t be afraid to be in the moment when you’re inspired to be one with your mind, breath, and body.


What are you waiting for? Try some yoga right now!