These cookbooks are as lit as last night's party

There's more to recipe books than 'The Joy of Cooking'

You keep on hearing all the frickin’ time (even from us): If you want to be healthier, you need to cook more. Yeah, yeah - you get it. But, then you face that dreaded moment.

You know you want to cook something, but you have no idea what to cook. 

You search on Google and find 500 recipe sites. A panic attack ensues, and you close your computer.

Then you remember that one dish you wanted to try out. You reopen your computer, find the recipe, but then realize the recipe calls for a sous vide.

In a last ditch effort, you turn to the cookbook your mom gave you when you moved into your new place, but it’s so boring, your eyes start to glaze over.

Unfortunately, most cookbooks were written for the daytime TV crowd… but luckily not all of them were!

Turns out there are some cookbooks out there that not only have tasty recipes but are also entertaining as hell.

Here are our five favorite cookbooks that double as evening entertainment:


1. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?: The Answers to Life’s Everyday Question (in 50 F*@#ing Recipes)


4.3 / 5 stars on Amazon, 390 reviews

One of life’s greatest questions is “What the F should I make for dinner?”

Luckily, this book meets you right at that point of indecision. Essentially, it works like a “choose your own adventure” cookbook, with options on each page for what to make that help you work through the conundrum of making a meal.

50 recipes. Both veg and meat-tastic. Life has never been easier.

Available at

(If you’re into it and want to do the same for your beverage selection, you can also get What the F*@# Should I Drink?: The Answers to Life’s Most Important Question of Your Day (in 75 F*@#ing Recipes))


2. Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck


4.6 / 5 stars on Amazon, 3,541 reviews

In this #1 New York Times Bestseller, Thug Kitchen helps you take charge of your diet and teaches you how to make some “real f*cking food”.

They elevate your cooking game to the next level by teaching you super healthy recipes that are not only super tasty but also super easy. And, the book is beautiful, straight-forward, and full of swear words. What more can you ask for?

Warning: The recipes in this book are vegan. No meat dishes. But we think that makes this an extra valuable book to have in your toolkit.

Sometimes (however rare the moments may be) we all get the urge to drop the meat for the meal, and if you have this book, you know you’ll have an army of recipes that are good as f*ck.

(If you’re looking to cook for a group, you can also get Thug Kitchen Party Grub: For Social Motherf*ckers)

Available at


3. Cookin’ With Coolio

4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon, 171 Reviews

Yes, Coolio wrote a cookbook. Yes, it is as amazing as everything Coolio does (including the Keenan and Kel theme song).

Long story short, Coolio started cooking long before he started rapping, when he was an itty bitty 10-year old.

At this time, he developed what he called Ghetto Gourmet, a wonderful style of cuisine focused on comfort foods like spaghetti bolognese (aka Bro-Ghetti) and chicken lettuce wraps (aka Chicken Lettuce Blunts). Not only are the recipes delicious and hilarious, but they’re also cheap and (usually) pretty healthy.

But the best part of this book is that you’ll be reading glorious hints like “Only serve rare fish if it’s incredibly fresh. It looks pretty, but like a good woman, it just might kill you” and “Seriously, if someone don’t like this appetizer, you gotta grab they scruffy ass by the back of their neck and throw them out on the lawn.

I can’t help people like that.” He even helps you “Stock the Pimptry,” which is “pantry for a pimp, in case you didn’t know.”

Available at


4. Eat Tweet: 1,020 Recipe Gems from the Twitter Community’s @cookbook


4.3 / 5 stars on Amazon, 6 reviews

What’s the beauty of Twitter? It boils things down to their very essence.

What’s the beauty of this cookbook? It does the same.

Every step and ingredient in Eat Tweet is condensed to Twitter’s maximum of 140 characters or fewer, which makes the recipes as simple as humanly possible. 

And as the saying goes, variety is the spice of twitter, so the author curated recipes from all over the world, creating the ultimate simple-cooking one-stop-shop.

Available at


5. The Hungover Cookbook


4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon, 82 reviews

Which of the following hangovers are you: The Broken Compass, The Sewing Machine, The Comet, The Atomic, The Cement Mixer, or The Gremlin Boogie? Not only will this book help you figure that out, but it will also give you recipes to help you cook the food you need to return back to life. You’ll find food that is easy to make, comforting, and healing to you in this fragile state.

Some of the recipes will save you by nursing you back to life, (how about some delicious Carrot, Apple, Orange and Ginger Juice), while others are are greasy and delicious to ease your tummy-woes (like the Elvis Presley Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon Sandwich).

Amongst the recipes are tidbits of important hangover science (reviewers have called it a brilliant hangover insider), fascinating mind games, and endless hilarious jokes and witticisms.

(And, if you need something to help guide your the late night beforehand, feel free to get in on The Drunken Cookbook)

Available at


Any one of these books will help get you well on your way to cooking food that’s great health through home cooked food and humor. And if you don’t get them for yourself, you can be certain they make an incredible gift.