How to Break Free from the Tech Addiction Trap They've Created for You

   If Silicon Valley gets it's way, we'll be living so deep within their virtual reality worlds that we'll miss out on the reality around us.

If Silicon Valley gets it's way, we'll be living so deep within their virtual reality worlds that we'll miss out on the reality around us.

Executives at Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat are looking to escape.

These technorati have designed their products specifically to addict us, and now they are looking for ways to break free from that addiction.

More and more of the wealthiest people from Silicon Valley are going on “digital detoxes,” vacations where they spend thousands of dollars to give up their phones and laptops, and live without distraction, for just a few days.

Most of these executives say that the companies they've created are trying to better the world, but we know better.

Their technologies aren’t making us better, they’re just making us distracted and unhappy.

Those little red notifications splatter across our home screens, making us think something important is happening, when, no, nothing important is happening.

Let's face it: Facebook, Apple and Google have us in a cage. But one company is producing a technology to help us escape.

That company is Interaxon, and they’ve created a revolutionary product, The Muse. This device can actually help us escape tech addiction and find new levels of calm, creativity, and focus.

This device has helped people:

  • Develop what some are calling "superpowers" that allow them to control their emotions in times of incredibly high stress at work and at home
  • Tap into previously unknown levels of genius and creativity, helping them get promotions in their companies that others have been waiting for for years
  • Regain control of their minds from the distraction of an always-on 24/7 (social) media culture

And it does that by teaching you mindfulness.

  The Muse is a revolutionary, cutting edge device that helps you regain control of your mind in as little as three minutes a day

The Muse is a revolutionary, cutting edge device that helps you regain control of your mind in as little as three minutes a day

The device itself is revolutionary in that it actually measures your brainwaves, giving you real-time feedback about how calm and focused, or anxious and distracted, your mind is.

During your meditation, you wear the Muse as a headband around your forehead and it scans your brain in real time, turning the activity of your brainwaves into the audio waves of the sound of a beach.

You can literally see your brain functioning on your phone. 

It's actually as crazy as it sounds. 

Cutting-edge neuroscience for your home

Until a few years ago, this technology was only available in university labs and cost tens of thousands of dollars for normal people to use. It was only for the wealthy elite and scientific test subjects.

But now, you can have one in your home for a very affordable price.

When your brain is active and distracted, the device plays the sound of a stormy beach - strong winds swirling, and rough waves beating against the shore).

This is your normal state of being. 

When your brain is calm and focused, the Muse plays the sounds of a calm, beautiful beach - a light breeze, smooth waves gently lapping against the shore, and birds flocking around you.

This creates a meditative state of being (e.g., relaxing, calming and energizing), and it lasts far beyond the length of the session.

The process of getting real-time feedback, via sound, as to how calm you are turns meditation into a game. 

Most people make up excuses in their mind about why it won't work, guaranteeing that they'll never experience the power of mindfulness before they even try it. 

They tell themselves that:

  • It’s kind of hard to sit in silence and do nothing
  • It’s kind of scary to not be doing anything and have no simulation
  • Mindfulness won't actually work for me

These were all valid excuses before Interaxon introduced the Muse. 

The Muse not only makes mindfulness easy, fun and accessible, but it gives you immediate feedback about the benefits you’re getting from the practice. 

Even if you think that you have too many thoughts, or meditation wouldn’t work for your brain, you are absolutely capable of doing meditation. There's nothing about your brain that makes meditation impossible.

Taking a moment to breathe and focus is one of the basic things your brain has evolved for.

This device will prove to you that mindfulness is worth your time.

  The first technology that helps you disconnect from technology by connecting you to it, and shows you the state of your brain on your phone

The first technology that helps you disconnect from technology by connecting you to it, and shows you the state of your brain on your phone

In as little as three minutes a day, we can start experiencing the massive benefits of relieving your brain from the constant stresses it experiences throughout the day. 

A one time investment and three minutes a day will bring you a peace of mind that is priceless

This technology used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and only exist in university labs. Now anyone can have one in their own homes. 

As you develop your practice with Muse, you’ll find that you’ll easily be able to avoid distractions and reach a greater level of calm and focus.

Muse helps you become aware of your own thoughts, letting you recognize when you're being pulled to your phone (instead of it happening automatically).

This pause lets you decide if you actually want to check your phone, or it's just a bad habit. 

You’ll experience a freedom you didn’t even know you needed... releasing shackles that have kept you tethered to your device, more of a slave to your phone than an owner. 

Not only that, but you’ll develop a mental clarity that will make it seem as if you were previously living in a fog. 

Now, let's be real, you don't have time to try things out without knowing if it's going to work. Your time is too valuable. You're busy and overcommitted. 

If you're going to try something new, you better see some results fast.... 

And that's why you need the Muse.

Click here to get the Muse

You’ll be convinced of its value after only one 3-minute session.

The Muse translates the benefits you receive from your meditation practice into real numbers...

...And shows you that meditation is not only possible, but easy, effective, and fun.

The numbers are just too compelling to deny the benefits you'll get from the Muse. Plus, it'll have you looking forward to your meditation practice!

Every time you meditate, you get immediate feedback about how you're doing. You know it's working.

  Stats from a 3-minute meditation with the Muse

Stats from a 3-minute meditation with the Muse

And then when people start commenting about how you seem like a whole new, more put together person, you'll have all of the validation you need to keep it up.

The Muse is available risk-free for 60 days, so there's no reason for you not to try it.

Click here to get the Muse

It's based on some of the most advanced neuroscience available today, and has helped thousands of people reap the benefits of meditation practices, helping them live calmer, productive, focused, and fulfilling lives.

Until recently, only academics and the wealthy elite had access to similar devices, with the average cost ranging in the tens of thousands.

But the scientists at Muse have been working on this device for years, and have finally made this technology available and affordable. 

You can order a Muse today, for just $250, along with a 60-day risk-free, money back guarantee.

Popular mindfulness and meditation programs, like the celebrity studded TM  program, cost over $1,000 for just 8 hours of lessons. The Muse gives you all the benefits of this practice at a quarter of the price. 

Your mind is too important to leave to chance. Try out the Muse today, risk-free, and start seeing benefits in just three minutes or less.

Try risk-free for 60 days, money-back guarantee


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