The secret ingredient to the success of the rich and famous (in just three minutes)

What do Martin Scorcese, Giselle Bundchen, Russel Simmons, Oprah, Hugh Jackman, Amy Schumer and Jeff Bridges have in common?

Besides gobs of money, that is. 

It’s not talent, although they all have that.

It’s not hard work, although they all work incredibly hard. 

It’s not good luck, although they've all had that too.

  The secret to their mega success is not hard work or luck...

The secret to their mega success is not hard work or luck...

What all of these mega successful celebrities and business people have in common is that they all practice some form of mindfulness.

That’s right, each and every one of these people has credited some part of their success (and their sanity) to their mindfulness practice.

Now, most of these celebrities paid thousands of dollars to learn a specific form of mindfulness called TM. 

Despite its benefits, that price tag, well… it’s outrageous. 

So even if you want to do what they do, it may seem out of reach.

Which is a shame, because these people, some of the most powerful and wealthy in our society, have experienced some amazing benefits from this practice.


Just a few of the amazing benefits of a mindfulness practice include:

  • Develop what some are calling "superpowers" that allow them to control their emotions in times of incredibly high stress at work and at home

  • Tap into previously unknown levels of genius and creativity, helping them get promotions in their companies that others have been waiting for for years

  • Regain control of their minds from the distraction of an always-on 24/7 (social) media culture


Who wouldn’t want these benefits of mindfulness? They are a no brainer. But it is easy to scoff at the price tag for mindfulness training and say “I’ll just learn on my own.” But this often ends in failure, because creating a new habit by yourself is hard.

Without any guidance or feedback, very few people are able to get the true benefits of mindfulness.

It’s just too uncertain. The benefits come with practice and at first it’s very hard to tell if anything is happening. Without immediate feedback most people give up. 

There are popular apps out there like Headspace, but pretty much everyone who tries it out gives up in a week or two. In fact, less than 0.5% of people who start using Headspace use it on a daily basis. 

And when they do give up, they give up for good, saying that they’ll never experience the benefits that all of these influential people say they experience.

They start to think this whole thing is a lie, a big scheme they’re not in on.

That is, until they try the Muse.

The Muse is a revolutionary device that makes mindfulness incredibly easy and shockingly fun.

  The Muse helps you get all the benefits of more expensive meditation programs at a fraction of the price, from the comfort of your own home

The Muse helps you get all the benefits of more expensive meditation programs at a fraction of the price, from the comfort of your own home

Oh, and you see benefits from it on day 1, in as little as three minutes.

You see, the Muse is a device that actually measures your brain activity while you practice mindfulness, giving you real time feedback on the state of your mind.

It guides you in your mindfulness practice, and tracks whether your brain is anxious and distracted or focused and calm.

At the end of your session, it gives you immediate insight into what your brain looked like. 

Were you calm for 30% of the time and distracted for 70%? Or maybe you were calm 70% of the time and distracted for 30%?

Whatever your first session tells you, the Muse gives you the ability to rapidly improve over time...

...Bringing to your life levels of calmness, creativity and focus that you cannot possibly imagine without giving mindfulness an honest shot.

Beyond literally showing you how your mind works, something almost no other consumer device can do, the Muse makes mindfulness an amazingly fun game.

You see, while you are using the Muse device, the Muse app will play the sounds of a beach. And the sounds of the beach change as your level of mental focus changes. 

When your brain is active and distracted, the device plays the sound of a stormy beach - strong winds, and waves beating against the shore. This is your normal state of being. 

When your brain is calm and focused, it plays the sounds of a calm beach - slight winds, waves gently lapping against the shore, and birds flocking around you. 

This is the state your mind reaches when you practice mindfulness.

Being able to listen to your mind is as crazy and powerful as it sounds. It’s something you almost can’t believe, and definitely can’t understand, until you actually try it out.

  A report after a 3-minute session with the Muse

A report after a 3-minute session with the Muse

Until recently, devices like this were only found in academic labs, and  they cost thousands of dollars.

But the scientists at Muse have been working on the device for years, and have finally made this technology available and affordable to consumers. 

You can order a Muse today, for just $250, along with a 60 day risk-free, money back guarantee.

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For some, that price may seem crazy, but keep in mind that the personal and professional benefits you get from committing to a practice like this cannot be priced.

Just google "CEO's who meditate," and you'll see how powerful meditation can be. Some of the top people on Forbes 100 richest people list credit their success to their meditation.

Most celebrities and CEOs spend upwards of $1,000 for a few hours of lessons. The Muse gives you all the benefits of this practice at a quarter of the price. 

Your mind is too important to leave to chance. Try the Muse today, risk-free, and start seeing benefits in just three minutes or less.

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Try risk-free for 60 days, money-back guarantee


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