Get Healthy Groceries Delivered to Your Door for Cheap

Think healthy food is overpriced? Not if you use this new delivery service

The junk food companies have you hooked. They have us all hooked. They know just the right balance of salty, sweet and savory to keep you digging into that bag of chips long after you’ve told yourself you’re done.

Once ya pop, the calories don’t stop…

Especially when things get busy or emotional in your life. Stress shows up and you walk over to the snack cabinet like a zombie, digging into your junk food, looking for that sugar rush from an oreo, or that “mmmmmmm” that comes from a deliciously salty potato chip.

You know that if you stock your house with health foods then when you’re stressed there’s nothing to worry about. If you start snacking you’ll reach for foods you feel good about. Apples, jerky, etc. instead of Cheetos and Chips Ahoy.

But you buy the crap foods anyway.

Part of our shopping problem is external…

… and intentional. There are massive corporations who have spent a lot of money on research and marketing to make sure you keep purchasing their snacks and beverages.

These companies have read the studies that say people are ridiculously price sensitive to health foods. They know if people think health food is too expensive, they’ll go for the junk food instead.

They know a lot of people feel kind of weird walking into specialty health food stores.

And they’ve made sure to buy out the shelf space in the highest trafficked areas of the grocery store, so there’s only a little corner in the back where the healthy food can be stocked.


“Honey, I was thinking of buying these lumpy corn logs with neon orange cheesy dust. What do you think?”

Part of the problem is habitual.

If you’re like most people, you haven’t set up the right systems that encourage you to make the healthy choices you really want to be making.

You allow yourself to shop when you’re hungry.

You tell yourself that you’ll stay on the outside of the grocery store, but then you veer into the middle aisles where the junk food traps await.

If you’re going to succeed in this type of environment, and not spend all your money at Whole Foods, you need to change your shopping habits (in a way that will make your life even easier than before, and will probably save you money)

One of the best habit changes you can make is avoiding the grocery store all together.


Have your groceries delivered to your house.

With just a little bit of planning, you can get your groceries without having to step foot in a store. This gives the part of your brain that wants the best for you a shot at winning out over the part of your brain that craves those kettle cooked BBQ chips.

In our opinion, the best service out there for this is Thrive Market.

Thrive Market is a membership community, like Costco, that uses wholesale buying to get low prices on healthy foods and natural products. Think of it like a Whole Foods x Costco.

Most of their products are 25-50% below retail, which makes a lot of foods that are pretty expensive in the grocery store as affordable as, or even cheaper than, their junk food counterparts.


They’ve got tons of top quality products, and they keep up with current diet trends, offering special shopping sections for people who are gluten-free, moms, paleo, vegan and more.

Here are a few of our favorite products on Thrive Market:


Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo, Wild Planet Wild Sardines in EVOO (recommended by Tim Ferris), Amy’s Organic Spicy Chili, Krave Beef Jerky- Chili Lime

A lot of these are products we’d never tried before, but have now become staples in our pantries. Even the sardines… seriously. They’re delicious. Which is something we would have never believed if we didn’t force ourselves to give them a shot.

How does it work?

Thrive Market works like Costco. You pay an annual membership fee and then you order food whenever you want. If you order more than $50 worth of food then you get free shipping, so we recommend ordering in batches.

Although they have great products, they aren’t a one-stop shop. They don’t deliver fresh produce or raw meats. But for the purpose of making sure the snacks and pre-prepared meals you have in your house are affordable and healthy, Thrive Market is perfect.

And when you sign up for a membership they’ll actually give a free membership to a low income family. 

You see, even though the prices are low, there’s still that membership fee which is enough of a barrier for low-income families that many of them refrain from signing. And a lot of low income families live in areas where health foods are not all that abundant or accessible.

To overcome this Thrive Market actually gives away one free membership to a low-income family for every new paying member that signs up with them.

It’s the same business model as Tom’s Shoes, just more delicious.

BestMe is here to help you build habits that help you be healthy and happy. Taking the decision making out of purchasing meals and snacks is one of the best ways you can do that, which is why we love Thrive Market.

You can get Thrive Market + 15% of your first order by visiting their site here.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We love it but we want to hear your honest review. Email your thoughts to