More than a Job: a Calling

We are a mission-driven company.

To revolutionize wellbeing in the United States and around the globe.

We believe in the power of team.

We work together to reach greater heights and change the world.


We recruit and train the best.

Life coaches, consultants and multidisciplinary wellbeing experts.

We passionate serve our clients.

Everything we do reflects our commitment to their goals and success.

Become a BestMe Lifestyle Design Consultant

Empower clients to design their lives and improve balance

Seeking Compassionate Leaders

  • Are you passionate about people, a resourceful learner and a problem-solver?

  • Have you overcome the challenges of an overworked lifestyle and want to help others do the same?

  • Are you ready to become a multi-disciplinary personal coach specializing in behavior science?

We Have a Career For You

  • Spend 90%+ of your time working directly with clients instead of managing a personal coaching business

  • Access a world-class curriculum and network of multidisciplinary subject matter experts

  • Earn attractive compensation with the opportunity to go full-time with benefits, all while investing in your best life

Join the BestMe Subject Matter Expert Network

Become a specialist who helps clients achieve specific goals

Seeking Wellbeing Professionals

  • Health: Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nutritionists, Primary Care Physicians, Alternative Medicine Experts

  • Movement: Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Athletic Coaches

  • Brain: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Sleep Health Experts

  • Wealth: Executive Coaches, Recruiters, Productivity Coaches, Entrepreneurial Coaches, Angel Investors

  • Finance: Fiduciary Financial Planners, Real Estate Investor-Operators

  • Relationships: Dating Consultants, Relationship Counselors, Networking Experts

Creating Win-Win Opportunities

  • Focus on your area of specialization and work with BestMe clients who are seeking experienced support

  • Work with our BestMe Consultants who manage client relationships in an integrated, client-centric model

  • Create content that expands your exposure to new clients and in-person and online channels

  • Put on in-person and online classes that generate revenues above your hourly rates

  • Be part of a specialized network only open to those who meet the professionalism standards of BestMe

  • Impact clients in a way that affects their overall wellbeing instead of just one area of their life