Katy Trost, Performance and Leadership Coach

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Would you like to be you, but twice as effective?

Getting straight to the heart of the most important issue at hand in a business, career or life setting is a skill that is studied, crafted and earned, and Katy Trost simply has it in spades.

Hailing from Germany and having found her calling as a coach from an early age, Katy has established herself as one of NYC's top exeuctive coaches working with Type A entrepreneurs and founders.

Besides her business acumen and ability to guide her clients toward making powerful decisions, she has a proven ability to eliminate stress, burnout and overwhelm - key factors that hold back today's business executives.

If you are an entrepreneur or business professional, schedule a BestMe Jump Start session and ask your Client Success lead for Katy!

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About Me

Katy Trost is a Professional Certified Coach through the ‘Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching’ (IPEC) and ACC accredited by the ‘International Coach Federation’ (ICF). She specializes in working with Type-A personalities on leveling up their performance, increasing their capacity to lead and scale their company with less overwhelm.  Her extensive knowledge and understanding of psychology and neuroscience combined with a deep passion for business and leadership led her to primarily working with entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. Her personal journey of mastering stress, burnout, and achievement addiction enables her to facilitate others in transforming their perspective, performance, and peace of mind.


  • Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching’ (IPEC)

  • ACC accredited by the ‘International Coach Federation’ (ICF)