Lauren Coles

Office Yoga and Meditation Expert


Yoga is a tool to power through change to greater mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga has been a constant in my life since I was 17 years old. When I made the choice to become a high school teacher in 2007 through the New York City Teaching Fellows program, my instinct told me to become a yoga teacher, as well. Because as a teen, yoga truly helped me learn to love myself.

My original intention for practicing yoga was to get in shape for prom. But what I found was so much more: One hour of yoga cleared my mind, and for the first time, the nagging voice in my head that stopped me from loving myself quieted down.

After a few weeks of doing yoga as a teen, when looking at myself in a mirror, I saw someone different: Beautiful, confident, ambitious. It wasn’t the physical practice of yoga, or asana, that made this change in me. Rather, it was the ability to connect my mind with my body, and see all that I was capable of.

Since then, my career has taken a wonderful trajectory with the opportunity to impact thousands of lives as a yoga and special education teacher and as an entrepreneur. As the the Founder and Lead Teacher of Daisy Office Yoga in New York City, I bring yoga to people at work. I have co-written the first Office Yoga curriculum backed by research and medical science, and I believe in the power of yoga to improve people’s relationship with their minds and bodies.