Holiday Gifts for Her



Attend the top fitness and yoga classes in NYC and Boston in New York City with this ClassPass lookalike.

Tory Birch Fitbit

This polished wrap is chic enough to help you transform your FitBit into a fashion piece.

Muse EEG Headband

Train your brain to a greater state of calm and focus using this EEG headband that empowers mental health.


Train yourself to focus, relax and reduce anxiety with this belt-clip breathing coach.


Train yourself to sit up straight, leading to reduced back pain and looking great with improved posture.


Keep your phone tucked away and set your mind at ease with customized vibration and light notifications.

Bellabeat Leaf

Designed for mothers and expectant moms, Bellabeat smart jewelry tracks stress, sleep, steps and more.


A fashionable Kate Spade clutch that charges your iPhone? Say no more.


Hello Fresh

Cook healthy, gourmet meals like a pro with this ready-to-make meal delivery service for < $12 / meal.



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