Muse Brain Sensing Headband


Making meditation fun and easy. Yes, that is possible.

What's the point of meditation? Good question, young grasshopper. Until now, we only had thousands of years of anecdotal evidence that says it helps focus your mind, reduce stress, and reach enlightenment. But with the Muse Headest, we now have data to back it up (well.... for space-age calm maybe not the enlightenment part).

The Muse Headset is one of the first ever consumer-grade EEG devices, and it allows you to actually see what happens to your brain during meditation. EEG stands for "electroencephalogram," but all you need to know is that it measures your brainwaves. Not too long ago, this technology was only available in fancy science labs.

With the Muse, you rest the sensors against your forehead, wearing the product like a headband, and then you open the Muse app, which guides you through a meditation session (it’s best to use it with headphones).

The session begins with the peaceful sounds of a beach. When your mind is calm, you hear waves gently lapping against the shore. But when you lose focus by allowing distracting thoughts to come into your mind, the beach becomes windier, and the waves become stronger, reminding you to focus.

When your meditation is over, the app tells you what percent of the session you were calm and what percent of the time you were distracted. Seeing your brain go in and out of a state of calm is powerful motivation to continue meditating. The Muse is a great tool, and a unique and innovative way to see meditation “working.” 

The Muse is the first device that actually makes meditation fun. I know that makes no sense. Meditation isn’t supposed to be fun. But somehow the Muse does just that!
— Alex Portera, Muse User

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