Nutribullet High Speed Blender

The easiest blender to clean. No more fears of your fingers getting stabbed.

 I know what you’re thinking. “A blender? Really cool, BestMe.’” And you’re right. That’s all it is. A blender. So, why are we recommending it? Because blending up your fruits and veggies, adding in some protein, and maybe some flax or chia is really a great way to pack a ton of good stuff into a small amount of space.

The problem is, you don't actually use your blender. If you’re like us, you have a blender in your kitchen, but almost every time you get the urge to blend something up, you go out and buy a smoothie instead.


You don’t want to clean the blender. (What if my fingers get stabbed?!)

With the Nutribullet, you’re actually going to make your smoothies, because this little guy is the easiest damn blender on the planet to clean. And if it’s easy to clean, you have no excuse not to make delicious, nutritious smoothies to your heart’s content. You simply add the ingredients into the blender, blend those babies up, and then rinse off the blades with warm soapy water. That’s it, you’re golden. What more could you want? Oh, right, you could ask for it to actually blend things. The good news is the Nutribullet is also mega powerful, so you won’t have those pesky chunks of banana waiting for you at the bottom of your smoothie. 

This is the first blender I’ve bought that I actually use. The rest site in the closet. It’s got the power to blend anything, with the cleaning ease of washing a dish.
— Chris, Nutribullet lover