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Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

Sneak in exercise at the office with this highly rated under-the-desk elliptical device.


Wacom Pen and Tablet

Sketch, design and control your computer like never before using this smart touch pad.

LumoLift Posture Coach

Reduce back pain and look great with by training yourself to sit up straight.

Rescue Time

Understand and improve your productivity levels with this software that tracks and reports on your activity.

Jarvis Bamboo Desk

Transform your health with the top standing desk available, featuring pre-recorded height settings.

Travelpro Suitcase

Fit 7 days worth of clothing - even formal attire - into this carry-on that holds everthing you need for the road.

Trek Walking Desk

Take your activity level at the office to a healthy level by getting a walking desk.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Alleviate pain from sitting at a desk for hours and promote spinal alignment, good posture and well-being.

Ergohuman Swivel Chair

The ultimate ergonomic desk chair at half of the cost of many leading options.



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