Amazon Alexa

Smart home technology gives us the ability to be wizards in our own home: to issue commands to a digital assistant which will answer questions or even take actions for us. These is an endless and growing set of commands you can ask Alexa for, including things such as:

  • Media: Playing a song or audiobook
  • Information: Checking the weather, the news or the time and date
  • Activities: Calling an Unber or looking up a local movie or restaurant
  • Curiosities: Asking important or even little trivia questions to Google
  • Shopping: Adding to a shopping list or purchasing an item
  • Smart Home: Controlling your lights, locking your doors or changing your home temperature

Amazon's Alexa suite - which includes the Echo (a full-sized portable speaker) and the Dot (a miniature command-and-reply station) is designed to link together for a seamless network across your house, or simply to have one at your desk - whatever you prefer!

If you want to get started, pick up an Alexa today and check out this guide of the full set of Alexa commands can get you set up to impress and save time like a pro.


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