Atlas Wristband


Track and automatically log all your exercises, reps, and form with the with smartest fitness tracker available.

The Atlas Wristband2 removes the burden of manual tracking entirely. It is the only fitness wearable that automatically identifies your exercises, then records reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in unprecedented detail. Calories and heart rate are just the beginning.

For every set you do, Atlas automatically analyzes every rep to help you understand how your training affects your body. It helps you track your:

  • Rep Count and Form Score
  • Average Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate and Heart Rate Zones
  • Calories Burned and Workout Duration
  • Volume, Velocity and Muscle Focus
  • Active and Rest Time
  • Weight Goals and Training Focus


Furthermore, the app helps you see which muscle groups you worked at a glance or dig deeper and swipe back in time to compare your heart rate, caloric burn and velocity data. Build Custom Workouts with a few taps and explore and learn new exercises in the Exercise Guide.

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