Spire Stress Reducing Wearable


Make it super easy to breathe easy

You might be keeping track of your steps, but are you keeping track of your breathing? As it turns out, we can’t survive without oxygen (no duh). While you're clearly getting enough oxygen to survive, there's a good chance your not getting the optimal amount of O2.

When we get anxious, nervous, angry, or excited, we often begin to breathe improperly. And that’s a problem, because improper breathing can have meaningful negative effects on your body and mind (sustained levels of stress, poor decision making, and overeating).

Since breathing is an unconscious activity, it’s very hard to improve your breathing by simply reminding yourself to breathe. Fortunately, the Spire is here to help you keep your calm by monitoring your breathing.

Developed by PhDs at Stanford’s Calming Technology Lab, the Spire works by picking up on irregularities in your breath and giving you a little vibration to remind you to breathe properly. The breathing sensor is a revolutionary way to live a more calm, relaxed, and healthy life. It’s like having a little breathing Buddha with you everywhere you go, fighting off stress and inviting in chill vibes.

The Spire helps me calm down instantly in stressful moments. I never realized how many times a day I stop breathing properly