At BestMe, we believe that self actualization should be a lot easier.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to helping our clients to set and achieve the goals of their best lives.


Chris Bradicich

Founder / Thriver in Chief

A passionate leader with a growth and empowerment mindset, Chris is determined to building institutions that serve the wellbeing and autonomy of the people. His superpower is seeing the gold in people and helping it shine.

Dennis Sarkozy

Core Team / People and Product

An educator with endless knowledge and curiosity about living life to the fullest, Dennis leads the Curriculum, Coaching, Content and Community operations at BestMe. He is a Jedi Master who never eats alone.

Mike Cousino

Core Team / Operations and Technology

A seasoned entrepreneur and triathelete, Mike has developed a mastery of scalable systems and processes across his 30-year career in the startup world. An avid outdoorsman and lifestyle designer, he lives the BestMe Ethos.

Jerry Anathan.jpg

Jerry Anathan

Core Team / Coach Team Leader

A certified life coach, yoga instructor and the founder of Inner Guru Coaching. She has Coaching Certifications from both NYU and Wainwright International. 

Leeza McKeown

Founding Member / Advisor

A nature-loving adventurer, Leeza utilizes her strategy consulting and management experience for the mission of bringing fun and badassery into the world through health, wellness, and general thriving.

Kevin Bradicich

Business Advisor

A brilliant consultant and family man, Kevin recently retired from 35 years at McKinsey & Company where his legacy included building the firm's insurance practice, doing the right thing for the client and inspiring world-class talent.

Talia Marshall

Creative Direction Advisor

A gifted advertising professional and master of all things creative, Talia lights up people's hearts with the warmth, humor and power of her work. Named a Rising Star and founder of Advertising Doing Something, she leads with vision and bravery.

Alex Portera

Founding Member / Advisor

A fearless world traveler, writer, and digital strategist, Alex brings passion and voice to captivate the minds and hearts of people, inspiring them to take action in their lives. Favorite things include meditation and foxes.

Ruth Tupe

Interaction Design Advisor

A master of human-centric design, Ruth creates in-person and digital experiences and technologies that deepen people's understanding of themselves and others. She loves the NBA and especially the Toronto Raptors.

Marta Fieweger

UI/UX Designer

A digital experience designer who pushes the boundaries of innovation, Marta is connected to the storytelling and self-actualization potential in the heart of BestMe. She is a Northwestern Wildcat.

Sean DiSesa

Founding Member / Advisor

A systems and lifestyle design buff, Sean is passionate about living life by his own design and creating infrastructure to help others do the same. For Sean, life is best lived working remote, playing golf and traveling the world.

Victor Bevine

Curriculum Advisor

An internationally reknowned entrepreneur and author, Victor leads the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation, the company leading the global growth of parkour. He teaches and lectures about the Hero's Journey.

Jeff Doehler

Digital Advisor

A digital nomad, data-driven marketer, and analytics powerhouse, Jeff seeks to create a better online experience for BestMe readers that pushes the status-quo. Dislikes cubicles and long commutes.

Dree Kavoussi

Health and Wellness Advisor

A neuroscience guru and outdoors junky, Dree translates science into plain English so people can take action over their lives and start living to their full potential. Considers her spirit animal to be a raccoon.

Ivy Perez

Product and Community Advisor

A tech-savvy political junkie with experience in data wrangling and analysis, writing, editing, and graphic design, Ivy is a jack of all things creative. She's usually on top of "next things before" other people have even heard about them.

Matt Bogen

Engineering Advisor

A tech geek, weightlifter and chef, Matt is a Renaissance-man of an engineer with a degree in on human behavior from U Chicago. He builds tools and software that enrich the world and make life better and easier for everyone.